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Our Story

Alexis’ story: At 19, I wrestled with insecurities, doubts and most notably my Savior. After my freshman year of college, God was no longer  just "my parents' God."  He won me over with the love that looks in the face of my faults and calls me closer. He let me know that from now on I would be a part of the most divinely detailed love story I could never imagine. The next year, I told all who wanted to listen that this love story has their name on it too! I want Five Lives to be a place where women share the stories Christ writes for them, where we can learn to marvel at how detailed His ways are. I’m thrilled to see what God has in store for you and me!

Ellie’s story: Since I was in my 20’s I’ve served in various aspects of ministry, as a teacher, producer, worship leader and youth pastor. The pursuit of perfection often overshadowed my pursuit of God even in ministry. I’ve had to learn perfection is not the goal. Christ is. Five Lives is a place where women can share stories that prove God delights in revealing His strength in the midst of our weakness. Five Lives is a “God thing,” dropped in our hearts at about the same time. I’m grateful my daughter and I are working together. I hope she can learn a few things from me. I know I’m learning from her!

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